US News Law School Rankings 2018

The US News Law School Ranking 2018 has recently been published. This ranking, which concerns US law schools, is based on J.D. programs but is of course indicative of a school’s overall quality and reputation. Thus, the US News ranking is important for prospective LL.M. candidates who are looking for the best place to pursue their LL.M. in the United States. Here are some highlights for this year’s ranking: Yale…read more →

Find Your LLM Spring Tour 2017

The good folks over at Find Your LLM have recently announced their latest LL.M. Spring Tour, which they organize in conjunction with selected partner universities/law schools. From the announcement: This event is open to legal professionals as well as students. Obtaining an LL.M. degree is also the gateway towards a promotion within your current enterprise or firm, as well as better prospective earnings. The LL.M. Spring Tour is an incredible…read more →

Pros and Cons of Transferring from an LLM to a JD Program

To Transfer or Not to Transfer? That is the question for those who are weighing the pros and cons of transferring from an LL.M. program to a J.D. program. For those interested in working as an attorney in the United States on a permanent basis, there is no better route than pursuing a J.D. at an American law school (on this, see already our earlier post LLM vs JD).  Yet for…read more →

The Value of an LLM for International Students

In an interesting series of posts over on Brian Leiter’s Law School Reports, law professor Michael Simkovic explores the monetary value of an LL.M. degree from U.S. law schools for international students. First, Simkovic comments on the estimated worth of an LL.M. for foreign students that immigrate to the United States, that is they stay in the country after having obtained the degree (but they do not necessarily take a…read more →

LLM vs JD and JSD – The Difference Explained

Prospective law students, especially those with international credentials, sometimes wonder which degree they should pursue at a law school in the United States or Canada. Should they study for a J.D., LL.M., or perhaps even an S.J.D. or J.S.D.? The “LLM vs JD” question or “LLM vs JD vs JSD/SJD” question is thus worth considering. The LL.M. degree is quite different from a J.D., and both are again very different…read more →

US News Law School Ranking 2017

The US News Law School Ranking 2017 has recently been published. Yale is still ranked as the #1 law school in the U.S., while Harvard and Stanford continue to share the #2  spot. This year’s most notable change is further down in the Top 10, where Michigan is now back at #8 (tied with Berkeley and Virginia) whereas Duke fell to #11. Also, Emory fell out of the Top 20 (now ranked…read more →

Harvard Law School Waitlist FAQ

It’s that time of the year again when some LL.M. applicants (and their J.D. counterparts) find themselves placed on a law school’s waitlist. If you are in this position, what should you do? Harvard Law School’s admissions blog has an informative new post that answers frequently asked questions about their waitlist. It’s geared towards J.D. admissions but applies in part to Harvard’s or most other law school’s LL.M. program waitlists…read more →

The LLM in International Commercial Law

The University of Warwick School of Law has recently announced the launch of its new LL.M. program in International Commercial Law (starting in October 2017). Warwick joins the growing number of UK, US, and international law schools that expand their postgraduate offerings that blend the corporate and commercial area with international or cross-border aspects. This trend is not surprising given that the demand for specialized LL.M. programs in these fields…read more →

The Georgetown LLM Program

A hop, skip, and a jump away from the White House lies a consistently well-ranked graduate law program: the Georgetown LL.M. program. Georgetown University offers a rich and diverse LL.M. degree experience, which includes a number of different specialized programs, certificate programs and even online programs. It also offers externship opportunities and a chance to study in one of the world’s most prominent capital cities. The LL.M. program offerings at…read more →

HEC Paris and Georgetown Offer Dual MBA/LLM Degree

Although it is increasingly common for universities to work together and enter strategic partnerships – often on  a cross-border basis – this recent announcement of a new partnership between HEC Paris and Georgetown is particularly interesting: Beginning in 2016, HEC Paris and Georgetown University Law Center will offer two new dual-degree programs. The Master of Business Administration/Master of Laws (MBA/LL.M.) and the Grande Ecole Master in Management/Master of Laws (MiM/LL.M.)…read more →

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