LLM News 2018

The LL.M. and graduate legal studies landscape is in constant movement, and of course 2018 will be no different. To kick off the new year, here’s a short compilation of news and developments that have caught our eye lately: LLM Bar Exam, a bar prep company that formerly specialized in preparing foreign LL.M. students and graduates for the US Bar Exam, has lost its lawsuit (claiming $50 million in damages) against…read more →

The LLM Recommendation Letter

To apply for a Master of Laws program, candidates are generally required to provide at least one, and sometimes two or more LL.M. letters of recommendation. Formerly rather uncommon in a number of jurisdictions, professors and employers alike have become increasingly accustomed to supporting prospective candidates by writing these LL.M. recommendations letters.  The purpose of LL.M. recommendation letters is to provide an objective voice to the application, which can verify…read more →

QS World University Rankings 2018

The QS World University Rankings 2018 has recently been released. This ranking is not subject-specific, although QS also offers such rankings (which we regularly feature on our LLM blog). Still, the general QS Rankings provide helpful guidance and a regular update on which institutions are the global leaders in education. One trend, for example, is that Russian and Chinese universities are rising, although that’s not yet reflected on the very…read more →

Complete University Guide UK Law School Ranking 2018

Spring and early summer are traditionally the time of year when most university and graduate school rankings are published. Thus, continuing on with our coverage of the latest law school rankings, we now present the latest Complete University Guide Ranking (or ‘League Tables’) of the best UK law schools. According to the 2018 Complete University Guide Ranking, these are the Top 10 best law faculties in the United Kingdom (as…read more →

US News Law School Rankings 2018

The US News Law School Ranking 2018 has recently been published. This ranking, which concerns US law schools, is based on J.D. programs but is of course indicative of a school’s overall quality and reputation. Thus, the US News ranking is important for prospective LL.M. candidates who are looking for the best place to pursue their LL.M. in the United States. Here are some highlights for this year’s ranking: Yale…read more →

7 Tips for Writing Your LLM Personal Statement

With the next 2017-2018 application cycle fast approaching, LL.M. applicants around the world start asking themselves: What should I write about in my LL.M. personal statement? And how should I write it? While there are internet and other resources on the subject (see our eBook with LL.M. personal statement samples and LL.M. application advice), there is still much left to say on this topic. Drawing from our own experience as former…read more →

To Do or Not to Do an LLM 

Deciding whether to do an LL.M. can be a difficult decision.  An article at U.S. News on how to assess if an LL.M. degree is right for you delves into some of the ways one can make this tricky decision.  As the article notes, key factors prospective LL.M. candidates should consider are what are the job placement rates for that particular LL.M. program and/or whether graduates who complete that program…read more →

Find Your LLM Spring Tour 2017

The good folks over at Find Your LLM have recently announced their latest LL.M. Spring Tour, which they organize in conjunction with selected partner universities/law schools. From the announcement: This event is open to legal professionals as well as students. Obtaining an LL.M. degree is also the gateway towards a promotion within your current enterprise or firm, as well as better prospective earnings. The LL.M. Spring Tour is an incredible…read more →

The LLM Application Process – Infographic

Applicants and LLM Newsletter readers often ask us what the LL.M. application and admissions process entails, and how they should tackle it. As a result, we have compiled a mini “LLM Guide” for future Masters of Law applicants. In addition, for those who prefer images, we have some time ago also created an infographic that provides a visual overview of the main steps that LL.M. applicants need to take. Given…read more →

Pros and Cons of Transferring from an LLM to a JD Program

To Transfer or Not to Transfer? That is the question for those who are weighing the pros and cons of transferring from an LL.M. program to a J.D. program. For those interested in working as an attorney in the United States on a permanent basis, there is no better route than pursuing a J.D. at an American law school (on this, see already our earlier post LLM vs JD).  Yet for…read more →

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